The camper is complete!

What a labor of love! It took Jan – September to complete this baby! That’s nine months! And we literally feel like we grew and birthed a baby lol! Welcome (back) to the world Medley! I am so glad we could save you!

It might have taken 9 months, but I kept a work log and it was really only 26 working days. And most of those days weren’t days at all… they were a couple hours here and there. In between kids and work and normal adult responsibilities. And over several glasses of wine and charcuterie boards. Rachel and I kinda have a thing for charcuterie boards. But it was always a happy hour when I got to work on the camper with my best friend! It was a lot of work and very overwhelming at times, but I learned so much and now we have a tiny home on wheels that we can take anywhere! I can’t wait until our next adventure!

It’s a rescue!

Don’t worry little green desk! I’ll save you!

I rescued this sweetie from the side of the road because I saw potential. I cut it in two, turning it into two end tables and the sanded it like crazy because the veneer was popping off in several places and I was going to paint it.

Once it was all sanded down though, I really fell in love with the chippy green patina! They sold first thing at a vintage market so at lease someone else agreed with me. I love it when I can save a piece of furniture from the dump! Truly the ultimate recycle!