The Secret Language of the Universe

I’m naturally a very positive person and extremely sensitive to energy. Someone told me that’s because I’m an empath, but after reading the definition of an empath I’m not exactly sure that’s true. I’m just spiritual and I believe in signs and in using positive energy to manifest good things into your life – to spread good vibes.

I like having a part time job alongside Rusticity and I had one recently that sucked all the positive energy out of me! I enjoyed the work – I was learning a lot and the schedule and pay were right where I needed them to be, but it was a toxic work environment. I felt belittled and unappreciated most of the time and I started soaking up all of the negative energy in the office. Being in that toxic environment was really wearing on me – I felt emotionally drained and I wasn’t happy. Something had to change, but change is scary and I was in a vicious cycle struggling with the decision. Did the good outweigh the bad? Couldn’t I just muscle through it since it was only part-time? I always talked myself out of quitting and I needed a sign.

One day I was going for a walk on my lunch break and I peaked in one of those “Little Free Library” stands to pick out a book to read. One of the books that I grabbed was called SIGNS – The SECRET LANGUAGE of the UNIVERSE written by Laura Lynne Jackson who happens to be a psychic medium. I started reading the intro and this is what it said:

“I want you to understand that this book has found its way into your hands for a reason. That you are reading these words right now is not an accident. It is an invitation from the universe. In whatever way this book and these words have found their way to you, please know it wasn’t a random event. You are meant to be reading these words. The central principal of this book is that the universe brings the people, information, and events we most need into our paths. Powerful guiding forces exist that steer us toward happier and more authentic lives.”

After reading these words I knew what I had to do – it was the sign that I was looking for! The next day I gave my notice and I immediately felt a weight lifted off of me. I became the architect of my own life that day.

As soon as all of that negativity was out of my life, it freed up space for so much positivity! I took a little break and did all of my favorite soul-feeding things! I focused on Rusticity projects, went camping, and just took some much needed time for ME. Flash forward one month later and the perfect part-time position landed right in my lap and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so happy I listened to the universe (and Laura Lynne Jackson) that day! Read the book – it’s life-changing!