My first trip to Brimfield

I went to my first Brimfield antique show last week, and WOW what an experience! It was ginormous! It was extremely difficult for me to not want to look at everything all at once – event though that was impossible. Tent’s were set up in huge fields alongside a mile-long stretch of Rte. 20.

We were treasure hunting for 7 fun-filled hours and we still only saw about half of it. The show had a lot of everything – from rescued factory shelving and tables to handmade jewelry. We saw tents full of galvanized buckets and rusty shop signs to repurposed lighting and primitive furniture. It really was overwhelming – it a good way.

We probably walked 30 miles that day weaving in and out of the fields and trucking purchases back and forth to the car. Then we proceeded to drive the 8.5 hours home to Virginia. Next year I plan on making this a two-day event!

Treasure Hunting

My passion for treasure hunting started during my childhood.

On rainy days my parents and all 5 of us kids would hop into the van and go antiquing. And on family trips my dad would take the scenic route instead of the interstate so we could stop at all of the little antique places along the way. We were never looking for anything in particular – it was always just the thrill of the hunt. And that thrill never left me.

My passion was accelerated when I got my own house and yard to decorate. I was starting from scratch and was forced to be creative since I didn’t have a ton of money to work with. But, that’s the fun part for me– making something out of nothing! I started collecting what I loved and the decorating part came very naturally.

Of course, as with most collectors, I eventually ran out of room for new purchases and projects. When that happened, I figured I either needed another house or I could keep treasure hunting and upcycling, but I could share it with others. And Rusticity Décor was born.

I started working part time at my full-time job so that I could have more time to treasure hunt, upcycle and create. And it was the best decision I have ever made. I couldn’t be happier and I feel like I am living my dream, which truly was born out of a passion that I’ve had since childhood. And the best part is that this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see where Rusticity Décor takes me. Until then, I’ll keep taking the scenic route.