Camper Renovation

Ya’ll! I didn’t even know I liked camping until I met Medley (that’s our campers name). Now it’s all I want to do! Granted, she was FAR from her camping days when we met.

So my dad and I had always talked about renovating a vintage camper together. We had even talked about starting a tiny house business together. The year he passed away, my friend had saved a small vintage camper from a salvage yard. She had every intention of fixing it up herself but life got in the way and she asked me if I wanted to buy it from her. Without my dad around, I was hesitant to take on such a project by myself… I’ve never renovated a vintage camper before! I was talking it through with a friend, Little Rachel, and she mentioned that we should buy it together and fix it up together. She is very handy and her fearlessness attitude sealed the deal!

So we bought it and fixed it up after work and on weekends. Just learning along the way and enjoying the process – complete with cocktails and charcuterie platters. It was a total gut job! We ripped it down to the frame and even had to replace some of the framing. Then built it back up piece by piece. It took 26 total working days over a period of 9 months and I have never been so proud of anything in my life!

We’ve used Medley for several pop-up markets and we’ve been on several camping adventures with her.