Kitchen Renovation

Our house was built in 1924 and we are only the second owners! Crazy right?! We have a small kitchen – literally the one thing we didn’t want when we were searching for a house to buy lol- One day we plan on opening it up and reconfiguring it a bit, but I am a very impatient person and I got tired of waiting for “one day.” Since the day we moved in I have absolutely hated the linoleum floor in the kitchen and hallway! I just knew there had to be original hardwood flooring underneath! And sure enough… there was! It blows my mind why anyone would want to cover that up! AND there were 3 LAYERS of it ya’ll! All of those layers popped up pretty easily, but the tar paper that was stuck to the wood was a nightmare! I had to do it by hand and keep it wet while scraping because I was worried there might be asbestos in the glue – so sanding was not an option as I couldn’t create any dust.

We also had a fake pressed wood countertop, which I replaced with real butcher block – so satisfied with that! I put up bead board paneling up around the entire kitchen, painted the walls, installed new cabinets, new sink and a new faucet! I know all of our appliances are old, but they still work great and they kind of fit into the “vintage vibe” I have going on lol! I did end up covering our dishwasher door with a piece of faux tile that I got from Lowes – instant update!

Everything looks so fresh and clean and it makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen now! We cook A LOT and the kitchen is definitely the heart of our home – even though it’s small. Whenever we have people over, we always end up hanging out in the kitchen. Now I have one that I am proud of and happy to spend time in!