I met Sue Whitney of Junk Beautiful!

Talk about a dream coming full circle! Years ago, when I was first getting into this business, I would pour over the Junk Market Style books written by Ki Nassauer and Sue Whitney. They really inspired my love of upcycling – the art of making something out of nothing.

Sue was set up at the Lucketts Spring Market promoting her new book, Junk Beautiful – She Sheds. I was also a vendor at the market and I had my camper set up – I mean that’s the perfect She Shed right there AND you can take it with you! I bought her book and we ended up having a great conversation. She even did a on-camera interview with me in front of the camper where she ended up telling me that I inspire her! Wait! What?!

It was an incredible moment for me for sure! I ended up traveling to PA to be a vendor in her show, Vintage in the Vines. I love when passion brings like-minded people together and in the end we all inspire each other – that’s what a Tribe is all about! Just out here keeping the Vintage Vibe alive ya’ll!