It’s in My Blood!

I am an artist, an upcycler, a relentless scavenger and a DIY kinda girl.

I get these traits honestly – it’s in my blood. Both of my parents are hard-working, extremely creative, make-it-happen kind of people. My dad owns his own contracting company and when he isn’t designing and building new homes, he’s crafting benches out of tree trunks, inventing contraptions to solve problems – oh and writing poetry while he’s doing all of this. Likewise, when my mom isn’t shelling out advice to one of us kids (there are five of us) and tending the family farm, she’s scavenging around my dad’s barn and repurposing something to decorate the house or garden.

They are both jacks-of-all-trades and taught me the value of being self sufficient, making something out of nothing, and following your passions.