Farm Family Reunion

We had a family reunion up at the Hiner Farmhouse in the mountains of Highland County. It’s where my grandfather grew up and I am so thankful to still have it in the family. Only a handful of people were able to make it to the reunion, but we shared stories, laughed and ate delicious food, including Donna’s delicious rhubarb pie. It was perfect. I know my dad and grandfather were smiling from above.

I feel extremely connected to this place and I am making a conscious effort to learn about my past, get to know and enjoy my family and to take care of the house and property so we can all enjoy it for many years to come. See how happy the old farmhouse seems with her newly painted porch? She seemed to be alive that day, with the smell of delicious food cooking in her kitchen and with the sound of the slamming screen door and children laughing and running up and down the steps.

See the post below to read the blessing that I wrote just for the occasion.