Earth Wise by Naked Goat Soap Co.

I have the coolest friends! Heather is the owner/maker of Naked Goat Soap Company. She is the most genuine and giving person I know and she pours herself into her handmade products – from soy candles to soap bars, making everything by hand on her farm in Hanover, Va.

She just released her new facial line, lovely called “Earth Wise.” This line was created around the double cleansing method and includes:

  • Restore oil Cleanser
  • Eden Face Wash
  • Dew Organic Hydrating Mist
  • Lumin Facial Oil
  • Nourish Clay Mask

I went to visit Heather at her studio on the farm and she shared so much wisdom with me – about basic skin needs to how the hand picked ingredients work together in these beautiful products. I am the proud owner of the entire line and I am happy to say that I LOVE IT!

I have always had really sensitive skin and it has been a challenge finding products that work without breaking me out or drying out my skin. The botanical smell relaxes me when I wash my face in the evening and it wakes me up when I cleanse in the morning. I was so proud and willing to be a part of her photo shoot for Earth Wise so she can spread the word and help so many other people. Head on over to to learn all about and purchase these products that are absolutely infused with love.