Gracie’s & Co. Street Faire

This market was formerly the Vintage Home Market and I have been participating as a vendor for YEARS! The Street Faire takes place in the Sears parking lot of the Chesterfield Town Center Mall. Saturday’s weather was PERFECT so it was so nice to be outside! My camper pop-shop was snuggled right next to the One Rose Decor bus and we had a blast meeting customers and selling our handmade / upcycled wares. Thanks to Jason and Heidi for putting on another successful event and for everyone who came out to shop small and support local businesses!

Ladies Night Out Boho Market

I was honored to be a part of this market on August 20th. Emily with Dainty Chic Roadside Stand puts organizes a couple of markets a month and the Boho Market had my name written all over it! The markets all take place in the heart of the small town of Bowling Green, VA and people flocked near and far to shop the amazing group of vendors that were set up. I had a blast and can’t wait for the next one!

Earth Wise by Naked Goat Soap Co.

Earth Wise by Naked Goat Soap Co

I have the coolest friends! Heather is the owner/maker of Naked Goat Soap Company. She is the most genuine and giving person I know and she pours herself into her handmade products – from soy candles to soap bars, making everything by hand on her farm in Hanover, Va.

She just released her new facial line, lovely called “Earth Wise.” This line was created around the double cleansing method and includes:

  • Restore oil Cleanser
  • Eden Face Wash
  • Dew Organic Hydrating Mist
  • Lumin Facial Oil
  • Nourish Clay Mask

I went to visit Heather at her studio on the farm and she shared so much wisdom with me – about basic skin needs to how the hand picked ingredients work together in these beautiful products. I am the proud owner of the entire line and I am happy to say that I LOVE IT!

I have always had really sensitive skin and it has been a challenge finding products that work without breaking me out or drying out my skin. The botanical smell relaxes me when I wash my face in the evening and it wakes me up when I cleanse in the morning. I was so proud and willing to be a part of her photo shoot for Earth Wise so she can spread the word and help so many other people. Head on over to to learn all about and purchase these products that are absolutely infused with love.

Farm In Your Fancy

All dressed up and nowhere to go, but sometimes putting a cute outfit on can make doing the daily chores around the farm a little more fun! At least that’s Little Rachels attitude! She believes in romanticizing your life because that’s when you truly start living. I followed her along as she collected eggs, weeded and harvested the garden, cared and talked to the animals and prepared breakfast in her adorable camper she calls home. It makes my soul happy to spend time with someone so connected to the land all around her. Stay wild my friend!

Wild and Free Photoshoot

“Let’s be wildflowers, let our souls be scattered in the wind. Let us grow wild and free, tall and brave, in the places that we dream, in the places where our longings are filled. Let us grow between the cracks of brokenness and we will make everything beautiful.”

-Gaby Compres

I walk the streets of Richmond

alley way junking

Alleyway walking is one of my favorite things to do in the city. People throw away all kinds of treasures! I have found metal bases that I’ve turned into tables. I have a found free lumber to use on projects, metal cabinet, rusty barrel rings I turned into garden orbs, bar stools, an antique oak claw foot table, an old porch swing, a dresser, wicker chairs and an old theatre chair just to name a few of my favorites! I take them home, clean them up and give them a new life. A life that they wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t saved them from trash pickup day! It really is the ultimate recycle!


Gracies Spring Market

So excited to be a part of Gracie’s Outdoor Spring Market formally the Vintage Home Market) this Saturday, June 12, 2021 from 9am-3pm. Several other amazing vendors will be joining me and I will have the camper there as well. It’s going to be a beautiful day and I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces!

Salvaged lath from a house built in 1840!

I was so excited when my friend invited me to come see the victorian farmhouse she is renovating, which was originally built in 1840! The renovation process was underway when I arrived and they had ripped out a ton of the lath from the plaster walls. My creative wheels immediately started to spin! She told me to take as much as I wanted so I loaded a bunch of it in the van and now I’m getting busy! I have already made some gates – these would be so cute just hanging or leaning on a wall. Or even on a mantle! Trash to treasure ya’ll!

I can’t wait to see how my friend transforms this beautiful house. If only those walls could talk!

Porch Project at the Hiner Farm

I spent a week at the Hiner Farm up in the Mountains for some much needed off-grid time! I sanded and re-painted the front porch while I was there – being the worker-bee that I am! It was a lot of work, but it felt good to be productive! That porch holds so many memories and I want to keep making great memories on it so I was so happy to fix it up!