65 cents richer

How much money needs to be laying on the ground to make you stop and pick it up?

I’m the girl that stops to pick up a penny! Today I found 65 cents in front of the Walgreens entrance. I immediately stopped and picked it up. And then I wondered… how many people saw it and just keep going? What makes me different from them? Is it my humble upbringing? My thrifty nature? My love for treasure hunting? My inner child? Maybe it’s all of the above…

All I know is that most of the time I feel like I am living in an entirely different world than everybody else. I call it Libbie La La Land. And I invite you all to visit.

Homework assignment – I encourage you all to find your inner child – I don’t care how fancy or important you are now. Because I bet you 65 cents you would have picked up those coins when you were 8 years old! Let’s all just stop for a second. Look around. Admire a beautiful flower or a full moon! I LOVE the moon! Dance. Jump in mud puddles. When did we become so busy and stressed out that we don’t even pick up FREE money on the ground?

All I know is that I am 65 cents richer today.