Who’s ready for a vintage adventure?! Me me me! And I am so excited you are here to join in on the fun! First things first…

What is Rusticity Decor? Rusticity Décor is my passion. It’s my creative outlet. It’s a vintage upcycle and event styling company that was born out of my passion for all things vintage and for my love of decorating with those things.

What kind of things do you do? My tagline is “Made, Found and Reimagined” so some items are handmade, some items are found vintage pieces that I re-sell, but my favorite part is the “reimagined” part! I’ve always had an extraordinary imagination so I’m really good at thinking outside the box and seeing the potential in what most would consider “junk.”

  • I upcycle furniture and décor
  • I make things…. like unique signage, jewelry and macrame wall hangings
  • I find vintage pieces to decorate my home with and resell – I love anything that tells a story!
  • I offer Vintage Rentals out of my own personal (and growing) collection
  • I also offer Event Coordination and Styling
  • Oh and I do Pop-Up Vintage Markets and go on Glamping Adventures in a vintage camper my friend and I restored!

Thrifting and making something out of nothing is kinda my thing. It always has been and I’m good at it. I know that’s a weird thing to be good at – but we all have to be good at something, right?! When you are actively doing something you are passionate about – it naturally brings like-minded souls into your world. So I am glad we found each other! Welcome to my tribe ya’ll!